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ASP.NET 4.0 Web Hosting Support
ASP.NET 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 & 4.8 Web Hosting Support
ASP.NET AJAX framework
ASP.NET and .NET Versions Supported
ASP.NET State Server Configuration String
ASP.NET Web Hosting Guide
Changing ASP.NET Version
Charting Control Error - Invalid temp directory in chart handler configuration
Compressing ViewState
Converting dates between Time Zones
Could not load file or assembly error
Downloading file types blocked by ASP.NET
Giving an ASP.NET site write privileges
Insufficient system storage error when using SMTPClient
Page redirects in a loop
Session State Server
Silverlight Support
SQL Errors such as "column does not belong to table" occur randomly
Timeout expired error.
TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support on ASP.NET 3.5 and older
Using SQL Server instead of ASPNETDB.mdf
Web.Config Inheritance
WebMatrix Publish Settings
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Backup Policy
StudioCoast Backups Frequency
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ASP 0131 Disallowed Parent Path
Browsing static files on an ASP.NET site brings up an error
HTTP 500 Error when viewing a script
Reasons why I am not receiving emails from my site
Why do I get message failure emails for emails I didn't send (Backscatter)
Collapse Domain NamesDomain Names
Domain Name Registration Password/Auth Code
Domain Name Registration Private WHOIS Service
Domain Renewal Group
StudioCoast Name Servers
Collapse DotNetNukeDotNetNuke
DotNetNuke sometimes brings up a login box or an EventQueue error
How to install DotNetNuke
Page cannot be displayed / Content Encoding errors
Collapse DreamweaverDreamweaver
Dreamweaver FTP settings
Collapse E-CommerceE-Commerce
Guide to setting up an online store
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Change Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) to use StudioCoast (instead of ISP)
Email - Aliases
Email - Editing an account (Change Password, Email Redirect, Auto Resonder)
Email - Groups
Email - Spam Filter
Email Setup Guides
Enable Email Password Recovery in Webmail
Error: This server requires PTR for unauthenticated connections
Forgotten Email Password
How to change your Outlook POP3 settings to keep emails on the server
How to find your email account connection information
How to help minimise and prevent spam emails
How to setup an email signature in webmail
Password box comes up repeatedly
Setting up a POP3 Email Account automatically in Microsoft Outlook 2010
Setting up Email Accounts with Outlook Express
Setting up email on eM Client
Should I use POP3 or IMAP when setting up my email account?
StudioCoast Webmail
Using Gmail with your StudioCoast Reply Address
Viewing hidden IMAP folders in Microsoft Outlook
Collapse Email Program Setup GuidesEmail Program Setup Guides
Change SMTP Server - Apple iPhone / Apple iPad
Change SMTP Server - Apple Mac Mail (version 1 - 9)
Change SMTP Server - Apple Mac Mail (version 10 and higher)
Change SMTP Server - Microsoft Outlook 2013
Change SMTP Server - Mozilla Thunderbird (Mac)
Change SMTP Server - Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows)
Change SMTP Server - Outlook 2010
Change SMTP Server - Outlook for Mac
Change SMTP Server - Windows 10 Mail
Change SMTP Server - Windows 8 Mail
Change SMTP Server - Windows Live Mail
Setting up Emails - Android Phone
Setting up Emails - Apple iPhone / Apple iPad
Setting up Emails - Apple Mac Mail (version 10 & higher)
Setting up Emails - Apple Mac Mail (versions 1 - 9)
Setting up Emails - Microsoft Outlook 2010
Setting up Emails - Microsoft Outlook 2013
Setting up Emails - Microsoft Outlook 2016
Setting up Emails - Mozilla Thunderbird (Mac)
Setting up Emails - Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows)
Setting up Emails - Outlook for Mac
Setting up Emails - Windows 10 Mail
Setting up Emails - Windows 8 Mail
Setting up Emails - Windows Live Mail
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DNS Records and what they are
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I transfer my website to StudioCoast?
Remote Access using IIS Manager
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Distributed Infrastructure
Scheduled Tasks and Cron Jobs
Collapse GeneralGeneral
Shared Web Hosting Plans
VPS Hosting Plans
Collapse General SettingsGeneral Settings
How to move a web site across with minimal downtime
Mail server (SMTP) to use in web site code
Collapse HostControlHostControl
Adding a Domain - Sub Domain
Adding a Domain - Web Forwarding
Backing Up Databases (MySQL and SQL)
Creating a Database (MySQL or SQL)
Creating a New Email Account in hostControl
DNS - Adding a DNS Record
DNS - Deleting a DNS Record
Forgotten hostControl Password
hostControl Features
How to setup an FTP account through hostControl
How To Upload Files To Your StudioCoast Account Via FTP
Password Protect a domain or folder
Removing a Database (MySQL and SQL)
Restoring a Database (MySQL and SQL)
Setting up a domain for hosting
Setting your website default document
Update File Permissions / Web Folder Security
Updating Name Servers in hostControl
Where to upload your website files in your StudioCoast account (Directory Structure)
Collapse HyperVPSHyperVPS
How to manually install an SSL certificate in IIS 8.5
Hybrid Service
Collapse IISIIS
Hosting a WCF Service
IIS 10 Web Hosting and Windows Server 2016
IIS 7 Web Hosting and Windows Server 2008
Collapse IIS7IIS7
404 Error with MVC and WebMatrix Web Sites
An ASP.NET setting has been detected that does not apply in Integrated managed pipeline mode.
ASP.NET WildCard Mapping
Redirect non-www to www
URL Rewrite support on all Web Hosting Packages
View errors remotely in IIS7
WordPress Permalinks
Collapse IPv6IPv6
IPv6 Support
Collapse MySQLMySQL
Importing SQL Scripts
Collapse Name ServersName Servers
How do I change my Name Servers?
Introduction to Name Servers
Collapse nopCommercenopCommerce
Installing nopCommerce
Is nopCommerce Supported?
Collapse SQL ServerSQL Server
Connection Strings
How much disk space can SQL Databases use
Improving Database Performance
Managing SQL Server 2005 Databases
Managing SQL Server 2008 Databases
Managing SQL Server 2012 Databases
Remote Access
SQL Server 2012 Databases
SQL Server 2014 Databases
SQL Server 2016 Databases
Collapse SSLSSL
Redirect Website to https (Force SSL)
What SSL options are there to secure my site?
Collapse Visual StudioVisual Studio
Visual Studio 2010 Publish Web settings
Visual Studio 2013 - How to publish your website from Visual Studio
Collapse Visual Web DeveloperVisual Web Developer
Publishing Settings
Collapse Web HostingWeb Hosting
DotNetNuke Hosting Australia
nopCommerce Hosting
Supported Web Hosting Features
Umbraco Hosting Australia
Web Hosting and Domain Transfer Guide
Windows Server 2008 Web Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Collapse Windows HostingWindows Hosting
Windows 2012 Hosting Support
Windows Server 2016 Hosting Support
Collapse WordpressWordpress
How to install WordPress to your StudioCoast Windows hosting account
Web Mail
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