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Adding a Domain - Sub Domain 

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This is a guide on how to add a new subdomain for hosting through hostControl.

Step 1

  First Login to your hostControl account. Then select the "Domain Hosting" menu item from the Domains section.


Step 2

 Next select the "Add New Domain" button


Step 3

 Choose the "Virtual Sub Domain" option from the list and click Next.


Step 4

Select one of your existing domain names you wish to add a Sub Domain for and type the subdomain name in before it. For example, we have chosen our existing domain name 'example.com' from the dropdown box and typed 'subdomain' before it so we will get 'subdomain.example.com'. 

Below it, enter the name you would like to call the subdomain destination path folder, such as the same name as your subdomain. This will be the location the subdomain's website files will be uploaded to.

The subdomain folder resides inside the main domain's folder (in this case, example.com). If you need to setup a subdomain for a domain that is not in our system, please send us a support request.

Step 5

 Ensure all the details are correct and click Finish


Step 6

The subdomain has now been added and ready to use. If the domain's DNS is with us, it is ready to use straight away.

If you have DNS for the main domain elsewhere, ensure you have added the IP Address to point the subdomain to the server here (visit the "DNS Manager" to find the IP Address). If you are unsure of this step, feel free to contact us.


Last Updated:  31/05/2016 11:00 AM


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