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StudioCoast Backups Frequency 

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StudioCoast performs regular backups for our customers in the event that they need to restore from backup. If you would like to retrieve a backup of your website or database, log into your StudioCoast account via hostControl:
https://secure.hostcontrol.com.au and send us a Support Request to confirm.

Below is the frequency at which these are performed and for what services.

Website Files / FTP Accounts

FTP Accounts and the files that make up your website are performed once a week with up to 2 copies kept

Databases (MySQL and SQL)

All shared MySQL and SQL databases are backed up once a week with up to 5 copies kept


Customer Hyper VPS accounts are backed up once a week with 1 copy kept.

Offsite Backups

In addition to the above online backups performed regularly for each of our services, we also perform Offsite Backups.These offsite backups contain two copies of the above listed online backups (two months worth) and stored securely offline. To retrieve an offsite backup, a fee may be charged. If you would like a backup from our offsite backups, you can request via a hostControl support request.

Customer specific scheduled backups

Customers can also request to have their own backups performed at a frequency that suit them for any of the above services. These backups directly contribute to the customer's disk space quota so enough disk space is required to schedule a backup accordingly. For example, a frequency that you can request a backup schedule for a database could be a daily backup with up to 7 days kept (7 copies). If your database is 1GB in size, then you will need to ensure that your FTP Disk Space as an additional 7GB available for this to be stored in.


 Read more about about our Backup Policy here: https://www.studiocoast.com.au/knowledgebase/548/backups/backup-policy.aspx


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