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Change Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) to use StudioCoast (instead of ISP) 

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If you have previously set up an email account hosted with StudioCoast and have chosen your ISP (Internet Service Provider) as your outgoing mail server provider, you may also choose to change this setting to use ours instead. This can be particularly handy if you often connect to WiFi or go overseas, so you have no trouble sending emails.

When changing your outgoing server setting, this needs to be the same as your incoming mail server. It is also important that you enable SMTP authentication to use the same username and password as your incoming mail server. Finally, you will also need to change your outgoing port number to 26.

Below we have some guides on how to change your SMTP Server (Outgoing Mail Servers) to StudioCoast

(Note: These are only for changing existing email account outgoing server settings. To setup a new email account, click here)


Last Updated:  18/07/2019 10:17 AM


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