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Change SMTP Server - Windows 8 Mail 

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This guide is for changing an existing email account's SMTP server from your ISP to StudioCoast only. If you need to setup a new Email account with Windows 8 Mail please click here.

 Step 1

Open up Windows 8 Mail. Point your cursor up to lower right hand corner and start moving it upwards for the sidebar to appear. Select the "Settings" button.

 Step 2

Select the "Accounts" option.


 Step 3

Select your email account from the list

   Step 4

 Scroll down until you reach the Outgoing Server information as outlined in the below red box:

Replace your existing Outgoing Server information with the following:

Outgoing Email Server: Your outgoing mail server will be the same as your incoming mail server.
Port: 26
Server requires SSL: Optional
Outgoing Server requires authentication: Yes (check this box)
Use the same user name and password to send and receive email: Yes (check this box)

After that, you are complete! These new settings should save automatically.


Last Updated:  6/07/2015 11:50 AM


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