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Setting your website default document 

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If you have a website with a custom default page (that differs from the usual index.html, index.php, default.aspx etc etc). Such as  "homepage.html" or "login.aspx" you will need to adjust your default documents to show this page first.

Step 1

Firstly, log into hostControl and select the "Default Documents" menu item from the Advanced section of the menu.


Step 2

Choose your domain from the drop down list. Under this will be a list of documents that it will find in your files to show from first priority to last.


Step 3

 If your page is not listed, simply add it to the beginning of the list followed by a comma and select "Update"


Step 4

When you browse to the domain's URL in your web browser, it will automatically show this page first as its 'Default Document'.


Last Updated:  18/05/2016 8:57 AM


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