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Adding a Domain - Web Forwarding 

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Step 1

 To add a domain for web forwarding, firstly log into your account with us via hostControl - https://secure.hostcontrol.com.au/. Then select the "Web Forwarding" menu item from the Domains section.


Step 2

 Up the top, select "Add New Domain".

Step 3

  This will take you to the Domain Wizard where "Web Forwarding" should already be selected. Press "Next".


Step 4

Enter the domain you would like to redirect in the top box. In the second box, enter the domain that it will be redirected to (destination URL) ensuring you include http:// at the start. Select "Next".


Step 5

 A window confirming your redirect domain and its destination will be shown. Confirm that they are correct by selecting "Finish".


Step 6

 You have now successfully added a domain for web forwarding. You may need to update the name servers for this domain if you haven't already.


Step 7

 If you return to the "Web Forwarding" menu item in hostControl, you can also adjust which web forwarding type it is setup as. Choose the domain from the drop down menu, then select "Type" where you can change it to "Normal", "Permanent" or "Cloaked".


DO NOTE: If you already have the domain you wish to setup as a redirect already setup as a domain in hostControl (such as a virtual domain/subdomain or pointer), you can contact Support to help assist in the change to ensure there is no downtime. If you are not concerned about downtime, simply remove the domain from your account and re-add it through the web forwarding menu option.


Last Updated:  17/05/2016 3:36 PM


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