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StudioCoast Webmail 

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You can access your StudioCoast webmail account in a number of different ways.

Method 1 - studiocoast.com.au

The first and most easy way is to simply visit the StudioCoast website (https://www.studiocoast.com.au), and in the top right hand corner login for hostControl, enter your email address in the username field and your password in the password field and select login. This will take you automatically redirect you to your webmail inbox when an email address is entered into the username field. (For logging into hostControl - a different username is used which is not an email address).


Method 2 - hostcontrol.com.au

If you are used to visiting hostControl (https://secure.hostcontrol.com.au), you can also use this login area to enter your email address and password to take you straight to webmail.

Method 3 - your mail server URL

A final alternative, is to browse the mail server your email account is on directly into the browser (http://yourmailserver.studiocoast.com.au). You will find your mail server information for your email account under "Connect Info" (Connection Information) in your email accounts in hostControl.

See: How to find your email account connection information


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