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Introduction to Name Servers 

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The following is a brief introduction to Name Servers for the non-technical user.

For all StudioCoast customers, your Name Servers are listed under the Account Information tab on your account, viewable by logging in to our web site: http://www.studiocoast.com.au/

Name Servers link Domain Names to web sites and email accounts.

Consider our web site: http://www.studiocoast.com.au/
When you type in a web address into your Web Browser, behind the scenes, the first thing it does is lookup the Name Servers for studiocoast.com.au.

These Name Servers tell your computer how to get to the web site. In this case the Name Servers will reveal that the StudioCoast web site is located on a special computer in Brisbane, Australia and that your computer should look for the web site there.

The same applies to email, when you send an email to us, the following takes place:
  1. Your email program (such as outlook) sends the email to a post office (email server).
  2. That post office in turn uses StudioCoast's Name Servers to figure out which post office it needs to forward the email to.
  3. That recipient post office in turn forwards it to one of our staff computers, ready for a reply.
Typically if you purchase a Domain Name and Web Hosting from a single provider, the Name Servers are already setup and everything works fine from day one, nothing further needs to be done. 

Things can get tricky though when a Domain Name is purchased through a different provider:

Everything might be setup correctly on the Web Hosting end but unless your chosen Domain Name provider has the correct Name Servers, it will not know which web site or postoffice to direct your visitors to.




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