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Setting up Email Accounts with Outlook Express 

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Before you begin

Please check that you have Internet Access on your Computer that supports logging into outside mail servers.
If you are in an office environment the Network Administrator should be able confirm this for you.

Step 1

Open Outlook Express and Click the Tools Menu and then Click the Accounts option.

Step 2

The following window will come up.
Click the Mail Tab as shown below.

Step 3

Click the Add button and then Click the Mail option in the list as shown below.

Step 4

The following window will appear.
Enter in the Display Name you would like others to see when they receive mail from you in the box shown.
Click Next.

Step 5

Enter in the Email Address for the account and Click Next

Step 6

For Incoming Mail Server type in the mail server listed in the Account Information email that came with your hosting account.

For Outgoing Mail Server you have two options:

  1. Type in the mail server provided by your Internet Service Provider. This option is recommended and some ISPs now block access to mail servers other than their own. You may need to contact your Internet Service Provider to obtain this information.


  2. Use the outgoing mail server listed in the Account Information email that came with your hosting account.

Once you have entered in both servers Click Next

Step 7

Type in your Full Email Address as the Account Name in the first box.
Type in the Password you chose for the Email Account in the second box.

Click Next when completed.

Step 8

Click Finish to close the Wizard.

Step 9

The Internet Accounts window should now look similar to below.

If you did not choose to use your Internet Service Provider's mail server in step 6 you will need to Click Properties and follow Step 10
Otherwise proceed to Step 11

Step 10

NOTE: Only follow this step if you are not using your Internet Service Provider's mail server.

Click the Servers Tab.
Make sure the option called My server requires authentication is Ticked as shown below.
Click OK

Step 11

Click Close on the Internet Accounts window to bring you back to the main area of Outlook Express

Step 12

Your Email Account is now ready to go.

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