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Frequently Asked Questions 

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How long has StudioCoast been providing Web Hosting services?

StudioCoast has been in the Web Hosting business since mid 2002.


Where are your servers located?

All web hosting servers are situated in the Sanity Technology Data Centre in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Redundant DNS is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


What payment methods are available?

We support Direct Deposit (Bank Transfer), Credit Card and PayPal. 

What is your backup policy?

Click Here to see our detailed backup policy.


What size can my Email Accounts be?

The total storage space for all email accounts under a single hosting plan is listed on our Web Hosting page. Additional email disk space can be purchased from our control panel.


What size can my Databases be?

Each plan includes a dedicated database disk space quota. Please see our Web Hosting page for more information.


Can I purchase extra databases and/or storage space on my plan?

Yes, extra databases are $4 per month each while additional storage space can be purchased for $8 per month per 1GB.


Is excess usage charged?

Excess usage is not automatically billed on shared hosting accounts. Instead, accounts that consistently exceed their quota will be upgraded to a more suitable plan. Customers can optionally choose to pay excess at a rate of $4 per 5GB for additional data transfer.


What are "Individual Domains"?

Separate domains are the amount of unique web sites you can have under a single hosting plan.
Each separate domain has its own root directory, web service and email accounts.


What are "Domain Pointers"?

Domain pointers are web site addresses that all point to a single site.


What is "Data Transfer"?

Data Transfer refers to the amount of bandwidth your website and emails can use in a single month. This includes:
  • Network traffic. Such as any uploads or downloads from the website.
  • FTP uploads and downloads.
  • Email usage. Such as emails sent and received for IMAP, POP & SMTP.


Can I install a custom ASP component?

Yes. A security assessment needs to be done by us prior to the installation of the component but in most cases there shouldn't be a problem.


How do I move my existing hosting to StudioCoast?

See the following Knowledge Base article - "How do I transfer my website to StudioCoast?"


Do you see a question missing from our FAQ? Send us an email so we can help assist you further.


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