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Email - Spam Filter 

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Sometimes regular emails can be mistaken for Spam due to a varying number of factors. In order to stop actual emails from being deleted or marked as Spam, you can adjust your Spam filter within your Mail Manager.

Step 1

Login to hostControl and select "Email Accounts" from the menu, underneath the "General" section


Step 2

Select your domain from the drop down menu and then select the "Spam Filter" tab


Step 3

After selecting the Spam Filter Tab, you can then use the drop-down menu to select what you would like to do to the emails that are determined to be Spam. The Options are:

No Action:   All email messages will come through to your inbox
Append **spam** to subject:   All email messages will come through, but Spam emails will have **spam** in the subject
Move into WebMail spam folder if available otherwise Delete:   This will put Spam emails into your Spam folder in your inbox. If you do not have one, they will all be deleted
Delete:   All Spam messages wil be deleted.

Do Note if you are using a mail client to check your mail, you will have to login to webmail to see the spam folder if you have selected the "Move into Webmail spam folder if available" option.


Step 4

Your Spam filter settings are now ready to go


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