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.NET Framework 4 (including ASP.NET 4.0) is now available on all StudioCoast Web Hosting plans.

New Features of ASP.NET 4.0

  • Web.Config File Refactoring
    Web.Config file size and complexity has been signficantly reduce to the inclusion of common sections in the central machine.config
  • Extensible Output Caching
    Build your own customised caching provider.
  • Shrinking Session State
    Session State can now be compressed, saving space and memory.
  • Enhanced ViewState Management
    Object View State is now much more customisable.
  • Customised Control ID
    Setup consistent control IDs to assist with referencing within client javascript.
  • Integrated Meta Tag support
    Meta Tags for Description and Keywords can be easily set from the Page object.

New Features in .NET Framework 4

The overall architecture of .NET has also been improvided with new features such as CLR performance improvements, better multicore support and language enhancements for both C# and VB.NET.

For more information on the various changes in this new framework, visit the MSDN Web Site.

.NET 2015 Coming Soon

We will be implementing support for the .NET 2015 framework including ASP.NET 5 upon its release.