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.NET Framework 4 (including ASP.NET 4.0) is now available on all StudioCoast Web Hosting plans.

New Features of ASP.NET 4.0

  • Web.Config File Refactoring
    Web.Config file size and complexity has been signficantly reduce to the inclusion of common sections in the central machine.config
  • Extensible Output Caching
    Build your own customised caching provider.
  • Shrinking Session State
    Session State can now be compressed, saving space and memory.
  • Enhanced ViewState Management
    Object View State is now much more customisable.
  • Customised Control ID
    Setup consistent control IDs to assist with referencing within client javascript.
  • Integrated Meta Tag support
    Meta Tags for Description and Keywords can be easily set from the Page object.

New Features in .NET Framework 4

The overall architecture of .NET has also been improvided with new features such as CLR performance improvements, better multicore support and language enhancements for both C# and VB.NET.

For more information on the various changes in this new framework, visit the MSDN Web Site.

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