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Remote Access using IIS Manager 

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To enable Remote Access to your site using IIS Manager, please visit the Advanced Tools section of your hostControl account. Otherwise, please contact support. Note that each site will need to be enabled separately.

Once enabled, sites can be accessed through the following steps:

Step 1

Download and install the IIS Manager software.



Step 2

Open the IIS Manager from the start menu.


Step 3

From the File menu select Connect to a Site



Step 4

Enter in the ftp server from your Account Information as the Server name, and your domain name (without the www.) as the Site name and click Next


Step 5

Use your FTP login credentials for the User name and Password and click Next





Step 6

 You may receive a "This certificate was issued to a different server." alert message, Click Connect to proceed.


Step 7

 Click Finish to complete the setup.

Step 8

 IIS is ready to use now.



Last Updated:  8/08/2018 5:49 PM


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