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Change SMTP Server - Apple iPhone / Apple iPad 

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This guide is for changing an existing email account's SMTP server from your ISP to StudioCoast only. If you need to setup a new Email account with Apple iPhone or iPad please click here.


 Step 1

On your iPhone, select the "Settings" app.

 Step 2

Scroll down and select "Accounts & Passwords"

 Step 3

Then select your Email Account from the list.




 Step 4

Select your email acccount again.

 Step 5

Down the very bottom select "SMTP" which will be set to your outgoing mail server.

 Step 6

Select the server name from the SMTP list.

 Step 7

Fill in the following details as per below. Once completed, select 'Done'.

Host Name: Your outgoing mail server will be the same as your incoming mail server. If you unsure, go back to your Email Account settings to verify.
User Name: Your username will be the same as your full email address. Eg. yourname@domainname.com.au.
Password: Your Email Account's Password. If you are unsure, visit the "Email Accounts" section of hostControl and click 'Display Passwords'.
Use SSL: Optional
Authentication: Password
Server Port: 26

 Step 8

Go back to the Account window and select 'Done'.



Last Updated:  22/05/2018 4:31 PM


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