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Setting up Emails - Windows 8 Mail 

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Before you begin

You will need to have your Email Account, Password, Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server information. To find this, log into your account via hostControl:

https://secure.hostcontrol.com.au (If you are unsure of your login details, select the 'Forgotten Password' button).

Once in hostControl, browse to the "Email Accounts" section, find the email account you wish to setup and select the 'Connect Info' link to the right. This will show your email's username, password, incoming mail server, outgoing mail server and port number. Keep this information handy and proceed to Step 1.

 Step 1

Open up Windows 8 Mail (you can locate it by clicking the start button and typing in 'Mail'). Point your cursor up to lower right hand corner and start moving it upwards for the sidebar to appear. Select the "Settings" button.

 Step 2

Select the "Accounts" option.


 Step 3

Select the "Add an account" link.

   Step 4

 Then choose the "Other Account" option.

   Step 5

Next select the "IMAP" option and click 'Connect'.

   Step 6

Enter in your Email Address and Password. Then select the 'Show more details' link.


   Step 7

Next fill in all your email account settings as per below. Once finished, click 'Connect'.

Email Address: The full email address you wish to setup. Eg. yourname@domainname.com.au
Username: Your username will be the same as your full email address. Eg. yourname@domainname.com.au.
Password: Your Email Account's Password. If you are unsure, visit the "Email Accounts" section of hostControl and click 'Display Passwords'.
Incoming (IMAP) Email Server: Your email account's incoming mail server. To find this, please refer to your Account Information by logging into hostControl.
Outgoing (SMTP) Email Server: Your outgoing mail server will be the same as your incoming mail server.
Outgoing Port Number: 26
Ensure that you also tick the box "Outgoing server requires authentication" and also "Use the same username and password to send and receive email". The SSL options are optional.

Your email account is now setup and ready to use!


Last Updated:  9/07/2015 4:09 PM


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