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How do I transfer my website to StudioCoast? 

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This is a basic guide for users who are unsure of the web hosting process and how to move your website from one host to another.

1. Download Your Website's Files and Database

If you have an existing website with a different host, you will firstly need to login to the account you have with them. You will then need to download a copy of your website's files (usually via FTP). You will also need to download a backup copy of your website's database (if it has one). If you are unsure of how to do these two things, please contact your current host for instructions.

2. Sign Up For a StudioCoast Plan and Upload Your Website Files

Once you have signed up for a plan with StudioCoast, you will be emailed a list of account information to help you get started. Firstly you will need to upload your website's files to your StudioCoast account (Please refer to this KB article for further information on how to upload your files via FTP). During this process, ensure you also upload your database backup as well (this needs to go inside the App_Data folder). If you have a database, you will need to restore it to a blank database in our system. Please see the following Knowledge Base Articles: Creating a Database and Restoring a Database on how to create and restore your database.

3. Create Your Email Accounts in hostControl

If you are moving your email hosting to StudioCoast as well, you will need to setup your email accounts in hostControl. (See Creating a New Email Account).

Note: If you do have existing Email Hosting elsewhere you wish to move to us, ensure you download a copy of all your emails from your existing host first before switching over. Without doig this, they may get lost.

4. Test Your Website

You will be provided with a test address in order to view your website under your StudioCoast account. The test address will look something like http://web1abc.servername.studiocoast.com.au

Make sure you test every part of your website to ensure everything is working and displaying correctly. If you encounter any server errors, feel free to contact support for assistance.

Point Your Domain Name to StudioCoast.

You will now need to update your domain name's Name Servers to point to us. Name Servers control where a domain name is pointed to for it's services. You have two options

5.a Transfer Domain Name Registration to StudioCoast

You can transfer your domain name registration to StudioCoast. Domain Name Registration and web hosting are two different services. If you transfer the domain name registration, it means you will receive all future renewal invoices for the domain name through us (for example .com.au are $50 for 2 years, .com is $20 for 1 year). If you do wish to transfer your domain name registration, you can do so by initiating a domain transfer request. Do note that all domain names (except for .au) incur a renewal fee when transferring.

Once the domain name has transferred to StudioCoast, you will need to update the Name Servers to us (this does not happen automatically). See our Knowledge Base Article on how to update Name Servers in hostControl. Alternatively, you can update the name servers with the former registrar before initiating a transfer. Domain transfers can take up to a week to complete.

5.b Update Your Domain Name's Name Servers with Your Domain Registrar

Login to your domain name registrar account (this will be whoever your purchased your domain name with). Find the section to update the domain name's Name Servers. If you are unsure, ask your domain registrar where to find this or request for them to do it for you. You will need to change the Name Servers to the following:

Primary Server: ns1.auzgc.com
Primary Server IP:
Secondary Server: ns2.auzgc.com
Secondary Server IP:

Name Servers can take anywhere between 2 - 24 hours to propagate globally in order to see the website hosted with us.

If you are using us for email hosting, there may be a timeframe where emails will either arrive in your StudioCoast account or your former host's account. So ensure you check both. You will also need to update your mail client (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, iPhone) email account mail server details. These details are included in your account information. If you are unsure, contact support.


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