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Backing Up Databases (MySQL and SQL)  

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Step 1

 Firstly log into hostControl and select "Databases" from the menu.


Step 2

 Find the database you wish to make a backup of and choose the "Select" button to the left of it.


Step 3

 This will bring up the database's information as well as give you some button options down the very bottom. Select the "Backup" button.


Step 4

 This will bring up a window confirming the Database Name. You can also choose which domain name the backup will be placed under. It is automatically placed in a folder called "App_Data" in the root of your website. For larger databases, it may take some time to complete. Select the "Backup" button to confirm and proceed with the backup.


Step 5

 A notice will then appear showing it has been successful including the name and location of the backup. All SQL databases are in .bak format. All MySQL databases are in .sql.gz format.


Last Updated:  17/05/2016 3:38 PM


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