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Enable Email Password Recovery in Webmail 

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The webmail software that is available with StudioCoast webmail, gives you the option to enable the Password Recovery feature in webmail. This is not activated by default and has to be set by the individual user. If it is activated, you can use the "Forgotten your Password?" option on the webmail login screen. (if you have not activated this option and have forgotten your email password, you will need to recover your password by the following article: http://www.studiocoast.com.au/knowledgebase/692/email/forgotten-email-password.aspx)

To enable this feature, login to your email account through webmail. Select the "Options" tab to the top far right.


Select "Password Recovery" the left under General. To the right, select the "Enable Password Recovery" checkbox and enter in your secret questions and answers. Finally, select whether you would like the password to be shown on screen or sent to a different email address when prompted. Select "Save" to save your settings.


Last Updated:  11/07/2016 1:12 PM


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