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ASP.NET AJAX framework 

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The ASP.NET AJAX framework is supported and installed on all of Studiocoast's web hosting plans.

AJAX enables your ASP.NET 2.0 web site to achieve real-time functionality by providing components that can be easily inserted into your Visual Web Developer project.

To further explain the benefits of the AJAX architecture consider the following simple scenario:

A basic ASP.NET page with a GridView based table bound to an SQL Server database.

For this example, imagine the grid holds 100 records with Paging enabled to display 10 records per page.

Normally clicking each page in the grid will reload the entire page but under AJAX, the changes will load in the background giving your customers a more responsive web site experience.

This is a very basic example of the huge potential AJAX has in transforming your site.

On the official ASP.NET AJAX site you will find the free Control Toolkit which includes numerous controls and examples to enhance the functionality of your web site.




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