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Web Hosting and Domain Transfer Guide 

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Moving Web Hosting between providers can be a daunting task. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible and this guide should provide some basic information to help you get started.


 1. Signing Up

The first step is to sign up for any one of our Web Hosting plans. This can be done by clicking the Order Now link underneath a suitable plan on our Web Hosting page.

The order process will also prompt you to transfer your domain name if applicable.

Once the order and payment have been received your account will be activated. At this point it is important to note that your Web Hosting and Domain Name will still be with your current provider.


 2. Moving Things Over

Once your new account with us has been created there are a few things that will need to be transferred, they include:

1. Copying your Web Site

If you have a copy of your web site on your computer this can be transferred via FTP to our servers. Your account with us comes with an Account Information email that provides the FTP details you will need to use to complete this step. Alternatively we can transfer the files for you if you can provide us with the account details of your previous provider.

Once the web site has been copied, the Account Information email contains a temporary web address you can use to see if the web site is working correctly.

2. Creating Email Accounts

Login to our web site and start creating Email Accounts that match what you have setup with your current provider. Each account on our web site has a link you can click called Connection Information. This link provides all the information you need to set these email accounts up in a program such as Microsoft Outlook.

It is recommended that these new accounts are setup side by side alongside your old accounts for the time being.

3. Copying your Databases

Your web site may use one or more databases. These can be created by logging in to our web site and then restored from a backup. These backups can usually be downloaded via your previous provider's web site or requested by sending them an email.


 3. Changing Name Servers

Changing Name Servers is the final step of the process and links your domain name with our servers. The Account Information email provides all the information you need to complete this step.

It is important to note that Name Servers can take up to 48 hours to transfer. During this transfer period your emails may still be delivered to your old provider. You can utilise any Web Mail facilities of your previous provider to check for these emails.


 4. Domain Transfer

If you opted to transfer your Domain Name registration to us, then this process will begin automatically after your order has been received. This transfer process should not affect the operation of your web site or email and usually takes around 7 days. Your web site will usually be up and running with us days before the Domain Transfer is complete.


 5. If You Get Stuck

You can contact us at any time for assistance throughout this process.



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