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Installing nopCommerce 

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For more information about nopCommerce visit http://www.nopcommerce.com/

StudioCoast supports up to version 3.9 of nopCommerce. This version requires ASP.NET 4.5 which is supported across all of our web servers.

Installing nopCommerce requires the following steps:

1. Choose a location 

It is recommended that nopCommerce be installed into the root directory of your web site or on a Virtual Sub Domain.
For example at http://your-site-name/ is recommended instead of http://your-site-name/shop
A Virtual Sub Domain can optionally be setup from hostControl to install it at a location such as http://subdomain.your-site.com/
Contact Support if you require assistance in choosing a suitable location. 

 2. Install latest version of nopCommerce from the hostControl control panel.

 The latest version supported by StudioCoast is 3.9. This can be installed from the "Install Applications" section of the hostControl control panel. It is regularly updated to the latest version automatically.

 3. Adjust permissions from the hostControl Control Panel

a) Login to the Studiocoast hostControl Control Panel.
b) Go to the Web Applications page.
c) Select your domain from the dropdown box
e) Click edit next to the top entry in the table and select ASP.NET 4.5 from the dropdown list and tick the "ASP.NET Write" checkbox and click "OK"  

4. Edit Configuration and Enable Full Trust

a) Login to the StudioCoast hostControl Control Panel
b) Go to the File Manager page
c) Click Text Editor next to the web.config
d) Add <trust level="Full" /> underneath the line <system.web>

5. Create an SQL Database

a) Login to the Studiocoast hostControl Control Panel
b) Go to the Databases page
c) select Create Database and create either a SQL2016 or SQL2014 database.
d) Once created, note the server, database, username and password as you will need these at the next step.
6. Run the nopCommerce Installation

From your web browser go to the web site address that nopCommerce has been installed to.
If everything has been setup correctly it should guide you through an Installation Process that will ask for your SQL Database details.

Once the installation has been completed your new nopCommerce Shopping Cart should be ready to go!


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